okt 10 2015

Bericht afdrukken

Keijzer Racing wins DKM team championship

The CRG Keijzer Racing team ended the 2015 season on the Erftlandring in Kerpen as the best DKM team. They also fought for the driver title with Martijn van Leeuwen and only narrowly missed achieving it. All in all, the CRG team was among the driving forces of the championship.

Martijn van Leeuwen won the German Championship in 2013 and 2014. First at the juniors, one year later at the seniors as well. With this, the youngster made history – only a few drivers achieved this success before. He wanted to defend his title in 2015 and kept things exciting until the end. Van Leeuwen travelled to Kerpen with the same amount of points as his direct championship opponent. In great weather, he was on second place after qualifying and the heats and made use of his chance during the first final race. After a thrilling fight at the front he was able to drive off and crossed the finish line as the winner. Thereby both championship aspirants had the same amount of points again before the last race of the year. The CRG driver drew the short straw this time though: Despite the better start Martijn came in third and was honored as the vice champion in the evening. “Of course we would have liked to win. The competition has been really tough and narrow throughout the entire year though. It was exciting until the end. Considering the power density we can be really happy with second place too”, said team leader Willemjan Keijzer in the evening.

In addition to van Leeuwen Will Stowell impressed as well. The Brit was capable of winning and was on third place after qualifying. He finished his heats on second and fourth places, which secured him a starting position in the second row for the final race on Sunday morning. During this, he showed a thrilling fight for victory and followed behind his team mate on second place. A 25-seconds-penalty threw him back to 16th place though. But he wasn’t impressed by this and fought his way forward to ninth place during the second race. He was ranked on the good overall seventh place in the championship.

Junior Dennis Kramp experienced his best weekend of the year. During the course of the heats he drove forward to eighth place and established himself on the front positions during the first final race as well. He studiously gained championship points by coming in 11th. He then had some bad luck during the second race, in which he fell back to 20th position.

At the shifterkarts, Dylan Davies was able to tie in with his strong performance from Oschersleben. Still a little cautious on Saturday, he improved his position from eighth to fifth during the first final race. He was even better during the second race and came in fourth. On the overall list of rankings he thereby ended up on the great fourth place.

“All in all I’m really content. We were present in three classes and gained points in all of them. The development at the shifterkarts should be specially mentioned. Our hard test work is paying off. Next year we want to further improve at this sector. It’s a great honor to be awarded the title of best DKM team of the year, which acknowledges our efforts”, Willemjan Keijzer summed up.