sep 08 2015

Bericht afdrukken

Keijzer Racing celebrates shifterkart premiere victory

The CRG Keijzer Racing Team had a great reason to rejoice in Oschersleben. With Dylan Davies, the team celebrated their first victory at the German Shifterkart Championship. Martijn van Leeuwen stays the title favorite at the DKM.

The CRG Keijzer Racing Team wasn’t intimidated by the difficult conditions at the fourth event of the German Kart Championship. Dylan Davies drove in the forefront of the shifterkart class and achieved the first victory for his team. The beginning was already promising: The Dutchman finished qualifying on sixth place and was able to drive in the front during the races as well. After fifth position at the first race, he followed this with a victory at the second. He was accordingly content on Saturday evening: “We’re working really hard with Willemjan to be able to be competitive at the shifterkarts and now we’re gaining the rewards. Everything is currently going perfectly on the wet track.”

The CRG driver was unstoppable on Sunday as well. Dylan took the lead during the first race and was able to extend this during the course of the 25 laps. The second race started similarly great: Dylan was able to defend his top position, but due to the heavy rain he fell victim to aquaplaning and slid into the off. Back on the track he fought his way forward from 24th place to seventh position and thereby showcased his possibilities. “That’s a bummer! Without the slip-up a double victory would have been possible”, said team leader Willemjan Keijzer in the evening.

Dennis Kramp started at the juniors as a soloist as well. The youngster didn’t experience a perfect weekend though. After the heats he was on 24th place and had to deal with a falling out during the first final race. The second race went considerably better: From the back of the field he drove forward up to 14th place.

At the DKM, the Keijzer Racing Team fought for the Championship title with Martijn van Leeuwen – after 2014 the duo wants to defend their title. A little something was missing to achieve the race victory though. Martijn drove in the forefront but was never able to get close to the leading driver. Things only got better during the second final race: After ending up on sixth place at the first race he started into the 25 laps and drove forward up to the second place. On the overall list of rankings he is at the top, tied with an opponent.

Next to him, Will Stowell and Boy Ridderhof started as well. Just like at the previous races Will Stowell established himself in the top ten and finally came in ninth and eleventh. Boy Ridderhof drove his first meters among this challenging field and learned a lot during these three days.

Team leader Willemjan Keijzer wasn’t fully content with the result at the DKM: “Towards the end Martijn was on a good course again. Unfortunately we still lost some important points and now have to fully attack again at the finale.”

In four weeks the decisions of the German Kart Championship are going to be made. Before that the team is going to travel to the Kart World Championship in Le Mans and La Conca.