aug 04 2015

Bericht afdrukken

Victory for CRG Keijzer Racing in Ampfing

The CRG Keijzer Racing Team experienced a brilliant weekend at the third event of the German Kart Championship in Bavarian Ampfing. On the Schweppermannring, the drivers showed their qualities in Germany’s highest kart racing series and managed to end up in the top ten three times. Martijn van Leeuwen even secured the victory of the day in the strongly manned field of the seniors.

Last weekend 110 participants started on the 1.060m long track in Bavaria and showed exciting kart racing. Rain on Sunday morning didn’t make it easy for the internationally manned fields to find the right setup and demanded the necessary know how of the drivers and teams. CRG Keijzer Racing placed a total of five drivers at the start in all three grade series.

Martijn van Leeuwen experienced a perfect weekend. The 16-year-old Dutchman has belonged to the title favorites since the beginning of the new DKM season and once more highlighted his ambitions in Ampfing. During qualifying on Saturday the CRG driver secured the best starting position for the following heats by achieving pole position. Martijn showed an impressive performance during the heats as well, controlled the races and finally achieved the foremost starting position for the first final race on Sunday as well. On the wet track there was no way past the talented kart driver then. The youngster won the race and subsequently rushed towards a great double victory during the second race. “Martijn’s performance is the result of hard work lasting for weeks. We did a lot of tests regarding chassis- and engine calibration and seemingly found the right way. This performance among such a brilliantly manned starting field is simply fantastic”, added team leader Willemjan Keijzer.

Next to Martijn van Leeuwen Will Stowell started at the DKM too. Due to the 12th place at qualifying among the field consisting of 25 drivers the Englishman secured a solid starting position for the heats. Will showed his efficiency during these and secured tenth starting position for the first final race by coming in sixth and ninth. During the first final race the Keijzer protégé even drove forward to sixth place. During the second race on the dry track he had to let two opponents pass him by though but still ended up on the good eighth place.

Counting 38 drivers, the field of the German Junior Kart Championship was well filled up. Ido Cohen and Dennis Kramp started for the CRG Keijzer Racing Team at the juniors. Ido Cohen stayed behind his expectations by ending up on 30th place after qualifying. He then used his chances during the heats, gained a couple of positions and ended up on 17th starting position for the first final race. The driver from Israel showed a great performance during the final races even though he only has little international racing experiences by coming in 19th and 16th.

Team mate Dennis Kramp seemingly couldn’t find the right rhythm during the past weekend. The Dutchman came out of qualifying on 33rd place and wasn’t able to improve his position during the heats further than 29th place. He was able to qualify for the final races due to the repechage though and finished these on 28th and 29th places.

Dylan Davies had his hands full at the DSKM. All in all 47 drivers started at the shifterkarts and fought for every tenth of a second during the races. Due to the 13th place at qualifying, Dylan secured a promising starting position for the heats. The talented kart driver came out of these on the 13th position as well and therefore started into the first final race from this place. He showed a great catching-up race during the first final and ended up in the cup ranks by coming in third. He tied in with his impressive performance during the second final race and crossed the finish line on the outstanding fourth place.

“What a weekend! My protégés have shown great performances all in all. We can be especially proud of the performances of Martijn and Dylan, who have clearly proven the potential of our material”, summed up Willemjan Keijzer in the evening.

Next, the CRG Keijzer Racing Team is going to start at the German Kart Championship in Oschersleben on the first weekend of September. Until then they are going to do a couple more test drives to be able to start into the second half of the season well prepared.