jun 18 2015

Bericht afdrukken

CRG Keijzer racing impresses in Genk

After the DKM in Wackersdorf, CRG Keijzer racing was honored as the best team at the second race in Genk as well. The drivers ended up in the top ten in all three classes – Martijn van Leeuwen is among the title favorites at the DKM.

More than 120 drivers started last weekend at the second race of the German Kart Championship in Belgian Genk. Due to midsummery temperatures there were best conditions for the drivers on the 1.360m long track. The CRG Keijzer Racing Team started with five drivers in all three classes.

Martin van Leeuwen highlighted his performance at the DKM. After coming in second at qualifying he was very close to the leading driver and secured his position during the heats as well. At the first final race, Martijn took the lead after the start, then had to let his opponent pass him by during the course of the race though and came in second again. The second race went without any bigger problems as well; the Dutchman ended up on the podium again, on the third place this time. On the overall list of rankings he is currently on second place right before halftime. “Martijn did really well again. We were fast and able to drive at the front. Our goal is still defending the title”, explained team leader Willemjan Keijzer.

His team mates Will Stowell and Takuya Okada were successful as well. Will Stowell ended up on third place at qualifying and finished his heats on the fifth and sixth places. In the interim standings he was on the promising sixth place. He had less luck during the course of the finals though and only came in on 14th and 18th places. Japanese Takuya Okada felt comfortable in Genk quickly and showed a considerable improvement. He finished the second final race on Sunday on the great ninth place. On the overall list of rankings the two are now on 6th and 10th places.

Ido Cohen started at the juniors. Despite his little racing experience he was able to drive among the top ten and established himself after qualifying and the heats as seventh and fifth driver respectively. The youngster had a bit of bad luck during the first final race though and fell back to 16th place. He straightened that out during the second race though and fought his way forward to seventh place again. Thereby he’s now achieved the jump into the top ten on the overall list of rankings too.

Dutchman Dylan Davies met the strongest competition this weekend. Counting 62 drivers, the field of the shifterkarts was strongly manned. Numerous drivers used the race as preparation for the European Kart Championship – the international competition was accordingly top-class. After recent tests, Dylan Davies gave it his all during qualifying already. He started into the heats on ninth place. In addition to a third and a fifth place he unfortunately also had to deal with a falling out and therefore fell back to 21st place. The final races then went smoothly again and Dylan skillfully fought his way forward. On 15th and 7th places he diligently collected championship points and is on 14th place on the overall list of rankings.

Team leader Willemjan Keijzer was very content with his drivers’ performances on Sunday evening: “These have been two great racing days for us. We’ve impressed in all three classes and ended up in the top ten. Ido has learned a lot and is always getting faster and the great amount of work of the past weeks is showing at the shifterkarts as well.”

Only a few days later, CRG Keijzer racing is going to travel to the next race. The second race of the KF European Championship is going to take place on the PFI Circuit in England.