mei 06 2015

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Keijzer Racing best DKM team in Wackersdorf

Last weekend reigning champion CRG Keijzer Racing travelled to the kick-off to the German Kart Championship in Wackersdorf. Willem Keijzer sent drivers to all three classes and was honored as the most successful team on Sunday evening.

CRG Keijzer Racing Team belonged to the top teams during the past years – same in 2015. At the kick-off to the German Kart Championship at the Prokart Raceland Wackersdorf the reigning champion Martijn van Leeuwen tied in with his past performance. The Dutchman achieved pole position in the strongly manned DKM field. He had some bad luck during the heats though but achieved a good starting position on fourth place. During the first final race van Leeuwen fought his way forward to second place with the fastest lap and wanted to get even farther during the second race. He led the field until shortly before the end of the race but during the last bend his follower passed him by and the CRG driver came in second again. The youngster is on that same position on the overall list of rankings now.

In addition to van Leeuwen Will Stowell and Takuja Okada started at the DKM as well. Both established themselves in the front field after qualifying already. Stowell fought thrilling fights during both races and collected his first leading kilometers. Coming in fourth and fifth he just barely missed placing on the podium and is close behind his team mate regarding the championship. Third driver Takuja Okada from Japan got faster race after race and followed at the second finale on the great sixth place.

Dennis Kramp and Ido Cohen started at the junior class. Both of them collected first experiences in the challenging KF junior class in Wackersdorf. Dennis Kramp came in 13th and 19th at the final races, despite a falling out during a heat. Team mate Ido Cohen came in 11th and 12th.

Dylan Davis met the strongest competition of the weekend at the shifterkarts – with 51 drivers the field was strongly manned. Davies achieved 21st place during qualifying and was able to improve his performance during the heats. He prematurely had to end the first final race then, but was able to fight his way forward during the second race up to tenth place.

Team leader Willemjan Keijzer was very content in the evening: “Martijn’s closely missed victory is a pity of course, but we’ve shown our potential and were honored as the best team. The new CRG chassis is working really well.”

The team is going to start at their next race as early as Thursday. CRG Keijzer Racing is then going to travel to the kick-off to the KF European Champion in Portimao (Portugal).