okt 07 2014

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Keijzer Racing: Elation due to winning the DKM

Last weekend Keijzer Racing had a huge reason to rejoice. Martijn van Leeuwen won the German Kart Championship and achieved the second big title in a row for the Zanardi team. The conditions had not been easy though.

After winning the junior title in 2013, Keijzer Racing now wins the second Championship in a row. This time Martijn van Leeuwen is on top of the highest throne of the DKM. The signs hadn’t been perfect before the finale in Genk though. After a falling out in Kerpen, the Dutchman fell back to second position on the overall list of rankings. He showed no sign of surrender though: The team gave it their all and helped van Leeuwen on his way toward the title. He only came in fifth during qualifying. But he got a lot stronger during the heats already and was able to start into the final Sunday from second position. On the wet track, the Zanardi driver secured second and third positions and thereby achieved winning the title. “I’m very proud of our team’s performance. Martijn has fought until the end and deserved to win the Championship. Thanks for his great commitment”, team leader Willemjan Keijzer praised his protégé.

In addition to the Dutchman, the two Germans Marco Paul and Maik Wieneke also started for the team. Both of them didn’t drive perfect races though. Marco Paul was able to finish the second final race within the point ranks.

At the juniors, Michael Kuiper earned top results as well. Since the beginning of the season, the youngster continuously drove among the front of the field and belonged to the best drivers in Genk as well. After a mixed Saturday, he started into the first final from sixteenth position. In heavy rain he fought his way forward and came in on the great sixth place. He was even able to improve his performance during the second final race. By coming in third he achieved a place on the podium and thereby ended up on the fifth overall Championship place. “Michael has constantly shown great performances this year and deserved to finish the season among the top five”, said Willemjan Keijzer in the evening.

Max Weering and Rinus van Kalmhout started for the team as well. While van Kalmhout surrendered on Saturday evening, Weering drove in midfield during the final races and even gained Championship points at the second race.

“I’m very content with this season. Only a few teams have been able to win at the juniors and seniors so far. Despite some highs and lows, everybody worked together and did a great job. A big thank you for that. In 2015 we are going to fully attack again”, summed up Keijzer.